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2.2 Comp Crawlers
1.9 & 2.2 Scalers
The New ZNO-RC Website

We would like to welcome you to our new site. The new site as you can see has many changes from the previous version. It is now much more feature packed and has more to offer our customers as far as feedback options, and shopping cart usability. Also new to the ZNO-RC web line-up are the range of 1/10th scale Scaler products. While we can get just about any car or part on the market, we specialize in Axial based XR10, SCX10, Honcho, Dingo, and Wraith as well as Redcat Rockslide RS10 XT parts, accessories and upgrades.


You may be thinking that we are just another supplier of brand name and aftermarket parts for RC crawlers and scalers but the truth is that we are much more than that. Our main objective here at ZNO-RC is not to be just another rc supplier. We strive to find and stock only the products that are truly worth buying. We don't stock junk. In fact we have been told over the years that some of the products we had, did not work hardly at all. So we are selves put them to the test and found that they were quite right. As a result we have taken those products off the site and refuse to sell them until the manufacturer fixes the bugs.

The New ZNO-RC Website

Also unique to our company is our strive to find new and innovative products from small companies and 'drivers' just like you. We have many products that are only sold through individuals found on the online forums. They are great people that make one of a kind products which are well worth having. Be sure to check out some of these products and help support these small innovative companies. Here are a few of the companies to watch for: RCB Off-Road with scaler accessories; Y-Town Crawlers for comp crawler chassis; HEY OK with servo winch and light controllers; KMS for custom servo's converted to winches; ZNO-RC for custom scaler and Redcat RS10 hop-up parts.


We hope you are not getting the impression that we are trying to blow our own horn. We simply want to give you an understanding of why it is we exist in the first place. We ourselves wanted to find a company we could go to where we could find awesome technical information, detailed builds, and a great product selection in the crawlers and scalers we were interested in. And of course there's always the problem of Customer Service. We got really sick of companies that either had no phone number, or worse, they had a phone number but we really didn't want to call because the person on the other side of the line was extremely rude and/or extremely unknowledgeable in what I had questions about. I hope that when you give us a call you will hang up with more information than you can handle :).